Connecticat, United States
We are three spoiled kitties named Trouble, Mischif & Lylah Kitty. Our mommy doesn't let us out so we stay indoors. But that's ok cause we get all the food, water & toys we could ever want. Plus there's all sorts of places to sleep & things to tear up.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Work, work, work...what's that?

Our mommy says she's been really busy @ work. We don't know exactly what that is but all we know is she does leave the house for a loooooong time every sun up. She also says she wants to kick her computer (we assume it's what she sits in front of when she types this) cause it's messed up AGAIN after getting it fixed. Something bout windows being stupid. We don't understand cause we think windows are awesome. They are nice to stare @ other cats in the neighborhood. She did finally get pictures of camera shy Mishchif which she will post as soon as she can.
Hope this helps let everyone know what's been up. That we didn't eat any bad fishes or forget to claw our way out of a plastic bag...


TT said...

Auntie Bean you's just lazy not lettin the kittys post in the blogs!

Chop chop as Mommy Bean says, get to it!

TT said...

Piccys! We's demands piccys of your tree and of Lylah!