Connecticat, United States
We are three spoiled kitties named Trouble, Mischif & Lylah Kitty. Our mommy doesn't let us out so we stay indoors. But that's ok cause we get all the food, water & toys we could ever want. Plus there's all sorts of places to sleep & things to tear up.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Been like furrever

Lotsa stuff has happened since we last pawed..mommy's comp went blah, Smokey found a new home, mommy lost her job & went to skool but best of all we moved!!

Our new home is on the same block but looks just like our old place!! the very best part is no more loud obnoxious neighbors to disturb our laziness...

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The Misadventures Of Me said...

Loud and obnoxious neighbors will always be around, dats why they make dem big fluffy fings to sleep on.