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We are three spoiled kitties named Trouble, Mischif & Lylah Kitty. Our mommy doesn't let us out so we stay indoors. But that's ok cause we get all the food, water & toys we could ever want. Plus there's all sorts of places to sleep & things to tear up.

Friday, November 2, 2007

The story that is me-Trouble

Well it all starts out w/my auntie's (my mommy's sister) cats having their first litter of kittens. Auntie heard mommy wanted a black kitty & called her over when I was born. Mommy checked all the kitties out, looking us all over. I was shy & had 4 double paws w/a weird bump on one of my legs. Mommy said I'll take him!! I was taken before I was even a week old :p

I was meant for mommy's lil girl, but I jus' never got along w/that 3yr old like mommy wanted me too. Everyone had a hard time picking a name out for me. They tried everything from Little Bear (Auntie's son called me that) to Spunky, Bear etc till one day mommy was playin' w/me & was tryin' to get a name for me called out "Come here Trouble" & man did I run towards her.

Everyone was laughin' so hard but I didn't care cause I was w/my mommy. She brought me home when it was time for me to leave my mommy & daddy (Molly & Shadow) tellin' me I had a new home. It was fun to have this whole house to myself.

Every morn my mommy got up for work I'd watch her, then sit in the bathroom window watchin' her get in her car w/the lil girl. Then as I saw her start to leave the drive I would run down the stairs & make it to the living room window jus' in time for her to round the corner of the house. Then well it was my time to tear up the house while she was gone....

Man did I menace the house when I was little. I would drag down the toothpaste & chew holes in it. Fart up a storm & clear a room to the point where I got the nickname Stinky Cat. (now it's Big Fat Stinky Cat cause I'm way bigger now) Drag down the empty toilet paper rolls out of the bathroom trash can. I even fell in the tub while little girl was taking a bath cause I was playin w/the bubbles as I walked along the edge of the tub.

Now as I was sayin' bout the lil girl, well mommy said I was for her but, well I didn't get along w/her cause she kept molesting me when I didn't wanna be touched. So what else is a kitten to do but attack while the molester slept? Yeah you heard me I use to bat her when she slept!! But then mommy sat both me & lil girl down seperatly & explained to both of us that well as much as we might not always get along, she does love me alot & I should tolerate her.

Since that day I've learned to deal w/her even now that I am older (over 3yrs now) but mommy helped me out by gettin' her Mischif. That in itself is another story he can tell.

I have an Alpha Male complex even thou I've been "broken". Yes I try to Houdini my way outta the house & be all manly to every cat I meet. I even try to do it thru mommy's windows. I've even gone as far as halfway up mommy's block runnin' my way around sniffin' the fresh grass. I even did it once on St. Patty's night, but once again that's another story.

Remember how I said I was menacing as a kitten well it never fully went away. Mommy tells everyone even thou I'm 3 1/2 yrs old I still act like I'm a kitten. She even calls me her Big Baby. I like to be cradled like one as well, always have since I was a baby. So when I'm mad at her cause well frankly there isn't enough food or water in my bowl, or the poopin' box isn't clean to my liking I drag things around the house. It use to be Barbies. Jus' the blonde ones. Mommy & Auntie joke cause auntie has blonde hair & I use to live w/her. Mommy has brown hair but I don't drag those around. But damnit she put lil girl's Barbies away so I can't drag them! So now I drag mommy's cardboard recycling all over the house, up the stairs & I make myself known by making noise.

I don't normally talk, only when I have a reason too. Like when I notice mommy's all snuggly in bed & I wanna snuggle too, or when I carry things like mices etc. I also nip. Mommy knows the look by now when I am gonna nip. I usually nip her calf after prancing around her if I WANT food or water ASAP. In the summer I nip her feet some times. She screams & calls me a lil shit after I do that but I know she loves me & will give me what I want.

So mommy loves me enough also to get me my real brother to play w/so I'm not lonely & now this lil grey thing. Took me 2wks to grow to like her but for those 2wks I was mad at my mommy cause the lil grey thing was on her bed. That's my bed to hoard not her's!!! But I got over it & now I play w/her.

I have more adventures but can save them for more stories to tell of my adventures of being Trouble-the cat that gets into trouble


Shadow/Molly said...

You take after Molly, when you put the bitey on the beans.

Radcliff, Allie, Luna & Ozzie said...

Hey, Trouble. Welcome to the Cat Blogosphere. The world always needs more blogging kitties.

TT said...

Auntie gets that puter fixed soons, we wants to see more fo yous guys here!